SweetFire BBQ
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SweetFIRE bbq

116 mulberry street, claremont, nh 03743

(603) 542-9227 (9bbq)

First Out

Pulled Pork Nachos              11

Boneless rings-boneless wings in your choice of sauce and onion rings   10

Fried dumplings-chicken and lemongrass, served with sweet chili sauce    7

Mozzarella sticks with choice of dipping sauce                                            8

Pu Pu Platter-dumplings, rangoon, pork belly, chicken and eggrolls          20

BBQ Meat

Ribs.  Pork spare ribs, dry rubbed and slow cooked to perfection.

Whole rack-26.00 Half rack-14.00

Pulled Pork.  Seasoned and slow cooked to perfection.  

Sandwich-6.50 Side-5.50             By the pound-11

Brisket.  Beef. Dry rubbed, slow cooked to perfection.

Sandwich-7.50 Side-6.50             By the pound-13

Half Chicken.  Brined, smoked, slow cooked, deep fried.  Like our chicken wings. Sauced in your choice.                                                                     8


Personal platter.  Choice of a meat, a side and slaw.                  9

Small Combo.  Little bit of all four meats.  Choice of sauce.             25 The Sweetfire.  A larger sampling of all four meats, and sauce.                35

Feel free to customize either platter more to your liking.  


Cole Slaw.  With dried cranberries and pecans.    2.75

Mac and cheese.  Kraft has nothing on us.    4/7

Add fried pork belly, spicy pepperoni, buffalo chicken or pesto.       2

Hand Cut Fries.      3/6

Sweet potato fries    3/6

Onion Rings    3/6

Dill Pickle.  Made in house.    1.50

Caesar Salad.  Not really a side.      7

Quarter pound hot dog.  Smoked first.      2

Side of queso      2

Chicken Coop- a half chicken, regular and boneless wings and fries.  Your choice of one sauce. 12

Triple P sandwich- pulled pork, pork belly, and a pickle.  Delicious. 8

Boneless ceasar- our ceasar salad with a generous helping of boneless wings, sauced if you like.  A nice fusion of flavors. 10

Pickled salad- bed of romaine topped with in house pickled veggies.      8

Grilled cheese panini- queso and cheese in a panini.  The best grilled cheese ever.                                                                     6

French press coffee.  Worth the wait. By the mug.                   4

Wednesday is wing wednesday.  Starts at five, sells out FAST.  

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